5 features of green home cleaning service

Five Features of Effective Green Home Cleaning Services

Astute individuals know that clean plus green equals good. More than just a trend, engaging a green cleaning service is now recognized as a wise health choice. If you understand the advantages of green cleaning and have decided to hire a service, how do you go about choosing the right one? What elements separate superior green cleaning service from the rest?  Below are some features to consider when evaluating a green cleaning service provider.

1. A Holistic Approach

When it comes to maintaining a healthy home, all areas – from entryways to bathrooms to heating and air conditioning systems – affect the indoor environment. In choosing a green cleaning service, make sure that the service looks at your home holistically, considering the uses of every room. Cleaning chemicals, cleaning processes and equipment, and even occupant habits are areas that a holistic green cleaning service will address.

2. A Beyond-the-Surface Focus

The primary intent of most cleaning services is to leave surfaces looking spotless and dirt free. Dirt, bacteria, mold and other pollutants may not be seen, but they can certainly affect the indoor air quality. Green cleaning services aim to remove harmful particles from the air and not add to the problem by using harsh chemicals and equipment that recycles particulates into the air.

You can ask about equipment used to make sure that it is efficient and well maintained. Even something as simple as a dusting cloth can make a difference: A microfiber cloth captures dust, rather than just moving it around. These small measures ensure that the equipment and processes contribute to, rather than counteract, the effectiveness of your green home environment. A truly green cleaning service will also practice sustainability by using products that are minimally packaged and recycling/reusing/reducing disposable containers and materials.

3. Products and Services Offered

The products used in green cleaning play a vital role in the service’s success. Products should qualify for third-party certification by organizations such as Green Seal or should be so harmless that they would pose no threat to people or pets if ingested. A superior green home cleaning service will also provide other services, including carpet cleaning.

4. Knowledgeable Employees

Staff who will be cleaning your home must understand the objectives of green cleaning, as well as their own role in the process. Staff should know each product’s designated use, green cleaning processes and equipment maintenance procedures. The best home cleaning service providers also continually train their employees on the best practices in green cleaning.

5. Educational and Communication Programs

A truly professional green cleaning provider goes beyond the tactical implementation of cleaning strategies to become your partner in creating a healthier environment. Most successful services include regular communications so that home owners understand the importance of green cleaning and what they can do to make a difference. Small actions, including minimizing clutter and eating only in designated areas, can go a long way in ensuring a healthy home environment.

These five features of effective green cleaning services may apply to your home in different ways. Each home has unique needs and each green cleaning provider will bring its own set of expertise to a home. The provider you choose should recognize your needs and offer customized services and products that ensure the success of your home environment.


3 responses to “5 features of green home cleaning service

  1. This is a great article! I know personally I am on the hunt for a green janitorial services in Ottawa. Do you know how to find a geen cleaning service?

  2. I am sorry for my late response. I would contact the US Green Building Council local chapter in your area. They would be aware of green businesses. Thanks

  3. Finding green house cleaning services is not just environmental friendly approach but it is also a safe way to clean your space. Companies like: Breeze Concierge use Eco-friendly approach while providing its cleaning services in Denver.

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